Virtual Final Event

As the interACT project reached its conclusion, the consortium organized a two-day online event on the 18th and 19th of June at 13:00 CEST in order to present its produced results after more than 3 years of research work made. Particularly, the interACT project team has designed, implemented and evaluated solutions for safe, cooperative and expectation-conforming interactions between the Automated Vehicle and both its onboard driver and other traffic participants.

During the online event, the interACT project partners presented the most important interACT scenarios; the acquired knowledge after observing human interaction in real traffic; the external EHMI of two test vehicles of the project for the safe integration of automated vehicles in mixed traffic and the results from the impact assessment and impact studies in the areas of road safety and traffic. The moderation of the discussion and speakers’ introduction was made by the project coordinator Mrs. Anna Schieben from DLR e.V (Germany) and co-moderated by Mrs. Natasha Merat from ITS LEEDS (UK) who was responsible for the Q&As sessions and the interaction with the audience. The online event was co-organized by Mr. Pantelis Kanellopoulos from ICCS (Greece) with close collaboration along speakers, WP leaders and the interACT consortium.

In total, during both days, more than 230 attendees from automotive industry, vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers, municipalities, universities, research centers, supply chain businesses and others joined the interACT Virtual Final Event. The participation was free of charge, however, online registration was required in order to get access.

Webinars (Day 1 & Day 2) 

In case you missed our online event, you can watch it at your own pace on the following interACT YouTube videos

interACT Virtual Final Event – Day 1

interACT Virtual Final Event – Day 2


Natasha Merat
Natasha MeratProfessor of Human Factors and Transport Systems, Overall Principal Investigator at ITS Leeds.