Expected impact

interACT will significantly support the short-term introduction of AVs in mixed traffic environments and  will foster an increased societal acceptance of AVs via improving their ease-of-use, road safety and traffic flow.

Raising awareness for the integration of AVs in mixed traffic environments
interACT will evaluate, demonstrate and disseminate its project results in two demonstrator vehicles and several research simulators to raise awareness of any solutions that allow the safe, cooperative, and intuitive integration of AVs in mixed traffic environments.

Increasing road safety
interACT will contribute to road safety by significantly improving the awareness of on-board users and other traffic participants of the AV’s intentions and manoeuvres when interacting in mixed urban settings.

Improving validation procedures for Automated Vehicles
The validation procedure will consider a) methodologies to test and assess cooperation and safe interaction between an AV, the on‐board user, and other road users, and b) provide novel on‐the‐fly techniques for manoeuvre and trajectory planning that drastically reduce the need for testing all varieties of situations.

Increasing user-acceptance and ease‐of use of AVs
The project considers user-requirements and user-expectations throughout the whole design process. Thus, AVs using the interACT solutions will receive higher ratings than other AV solutions, from both on-board users and other traffic participants in relation to intuitive driving behaviour, acceptance, and trust.

Supporting the leadership position of the European vehicle industry
The interACT project will enable its industrial partners to fully exploit project findings, increasing the potential safety benefits, sales, and adoption of AVs. With leading manufacturers such as BMW, BOSCH, CRF, and HELLA on board, the project has the ability to ensure that results are integrated at a fast pace, allowing Europe to remain at the forefront of this type of research.

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