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Stakeholder Group
The interACT Stakeholder Forum aims to engage companies and interested parties outside the consortium in the exchange of information, experience, and best practices with the project partners. The Stakeholder Forum members will have the opportunity to provide requirements or feedback to the project, and will be regularly informed about interACT news and progress. In addition, the Stakeholder Forum has been established to generate active interest and motivate all relevant stakeholders to contribute to the interACT work and ongoing discussions. It is anticipated that this will increase the adoption and sustainability of the interACT findings, thereby leading to a wide market uptake of the developed technological solutions. Currently, the Stakeholder Forum covers 40 international stakeholders from industry and academia. If you are interested to join the group please contact the project coordinator:
Highlights of the first project period (month 1- 18) were the successful completion of an online questionnaire among the interACT stakeholders and the organization of a stakeholder expert workshop on eHMI in April 2018 in Vienna and on evaluation methodologies at the Automotive UI 2018 in Toronto.

Project network
In addition to the interACT Stakeholder Forum, strong liaisons are established between the interACT consortium and other EU and nationally funded projects, such as L3Pilot, BRAVE, TrustVehicle, AutoMATE and InMotion . Highlights of these liaison activities in the first project period were the organization of a common session at the ITS WC in Copenhagen. In addition, continuous exchange meetings of the project coordinators and partners are taking place. For the upcoming months a summer school is planned to be organized together with L3Pilot and a common session is under submission for the ITS Europe 2019. Further, the project is collaborating closely with Japanese partners. Researchers from ITS Leeds and TU Delft  visited each other and agreed to run similar VR studies in both countries. interACT is also very active in the education of students from different universities in Europe and supports the training of students in research on automated vehicle. 18 students from four European countries and Japan already conducted their research work in close cooperation with the interACT partners at ITS Leeds, TUM and DLR in the first period of the project.

Twinning with US partners
Under the twinning activities of the EU and the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT), the US project “AV Intent – Automated Vehicle Communication and Intent with Shared Road Users” was selected as partner project for interACT. This project is sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The contractor is the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), working with Westat as subcontractor with a lead technical role. Both projects will strongly benefit from exchange of research knowledge and results on human-human interaction strategies for AVs. In addition, cross-cultural difference will be identified and discussed for specific traffic scenarios, enabling insights into differing interaction requirements across locations. Two face-to-face meetings took place in 2018 and 2019 that allowed us to discuss current results and methods intensively. In addition, the approach of the US project AVintent was presented in a common session at the ITS WC (link news here) that was attended by over 90 participants. A summary of the positive twinning experiences by our coordinator Anna Schieben was presented during the ETNA workshop and can be read here. In the upcoming months, we will focus on a common publication on evaluation methodologies used by the two projects.

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