interACT objectives

interACT will enable the safe integration of Automated Vehicles into mixed traffic environments by designing, implementing, and evaluating solutions for safe, cooperative, and expectation- conforming interactions between the Automated Vehicle and both its on-board driver and other traffic participants.

In more detail, interACT will:

  • Study human interactions and develop psychological models of interaction between different road users that help with the design and selection of appropriate and safe interaction strategies for AVs.
  • Improve methods for assessing the intentions, and predicting the behaviour of other traffic participants.
  • Develop a novel Cooperation and Communication Planning Unit (CCP Unit) to enable the integrated planning and control of AV’s behaviour, and the provision of time-synchronised Human Machine Interfaces for both the user on-board and surrounding road users.
  • Develop a safety layer and provide fail-safe trajectory planning using formal verification methods to ensure safety in mixed traffic environments and reduce certification costs.
  • Develop novel human-vehicle interaction designs and HMI elements to assist the interaction of the on-board user, the AV, and other road users, thus ensuring expectation-conforming behaviour by the AV.
  • Establish new evaluation methods for studying the interactions of road users with AVs, and user acceptance of these vehicles.

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