Big steps made towards the full integration of eHMI elements in vehicle demonstrators

Two eHMI technologies were selected and developed, which are now available for interACT: the LED- light band and the Directed Signal Lamp. These devices are described in technical details in D4.3 and put the project into a position to implement an intention-based or perception-based interaction strategy or a combination of both, in accordance with final interaction strategies. Furthermore, both eHMI variants are able to transfer messages in accordance with the message catalogue and signal design catalogue compiled in WP4 and documented in D4.2.

After several workshops with the partners to fix the technical details, all eHMI components are now ready for integration. Over the summer the components were first successfully integrated in the BMW i3 at the BMW premise (BMW demonstrator workshop). Thereafter, the CRF vehicle was sent to HELLA, Germany where the integration of the LED light band were completed by the project partners in Lippstadt (HMI integration on CRF demo vehicle).