Project Description

Technical University of Munich (TUM) (Chair of Ergonomics, Department of Mechanical Engineering) (Cyber-Physical Systems Group, Department of Informatics) (Chair of Ergonomics, Department of Mechanical Engineering) (Cyber-Physical Systems Group, Department of Informatics)

About TUM

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is characterised by a unique profile with its core domains natural sciences, engineering, life sciences and medicine. The institutional strategy is focused on strengthening the excellence of disciplinary core competences in research, teaching and learning, but is also targeted towards the promotion of ground‐breaking, interdisciplinary research. TUM is committed toward the major challenges facing society in the 21st century in areas such as energy, climate, and environment, natural resources, health and nutrition, communication and information, mobility and infrastructure. Besides research and teaching, TUM inspires and pro‐actively empowers its students, academics, and alumni to think and act entrepreneurially. It initiates growth‐oriented start‐ups and assists its entrepreneurs in building new companies (TUMentrepreneurship). In the seventh European Union Research Framework Program and in Horizon 2020, TUM was involved in more than 300 EU research projects, coordinated more than 40 of them and participated in 60 ERC Grants in total so far.

Role in the project

At the Technical University of Munich the Chair of Ergonomics (Department of Mechanical Engineering) and the Cyber-Physical Systems Group (Department of Informatics) will participate in interACT. The Chair of Ergonomics aims to develop and evaluate psychological models of human interaction, which will detail how road users interact in current traffic situations. The Cyber-Physical Systems Group focuses on safety aspects in case of failure in interaction between the traffic participants.

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