interACT @ the 15th Conference on Autonomous Systems 2018

11-15 June 2018 | Baden Baden ,Germany

Fanta Camara from ITS Leeds presented the paper entitled ‘’ Filtration analysis of pedestrian-vehicle interactions for autonomous vehicles control’’ at the 15th Conference on Autonomous Systems 2018 on the 11th of June , 2018. The paper presents a study that collects and analyses detailed, manually-annotated, temporal data from real-world human road crossings as they interact with manual drive vehicles. It studies the temporal orderings (filtrations) in which features are revealed to the vehicle and their informativeness over time. It presents a new framework suggesting how optimal stopping controllers may then use such data to enable an AV to decide when to act (by speeding up, slowing down, or otherwise signalling intent to the pedestrian) or alternatively, to continue at its current speed in order to gather additional information from new features, including signals from that pedestrian, before acting itself.

The presentation is available here.