External HMI Workshop

19 April 2018 | Vienna, Austria

On April 19 2018, the interACT Consortium organized a workshop on external HMI design for Automated Vehicles in Vienna and invited several international stakeholders with a specific background in HMI design and Human Factors to join us for this event. Twenty participants from the US, Japan, and the EU participated in the workshop. We took the chance to discuss with the experts from industry and academia the most relevant research questions and challenges in the field of external HMI (eHMI) design. The main objectives of the workshop were to raise the awareness for current research work and projects in the field of external HMI for Automated Vehicles. Furthermore, to create a common understanding of Human Factors and HMI challenges related to the design of external HMI and to rate the importance of different challenges and research questions and discuss how these can be tackled on an international level. All participants actively contributed to these objectives by presenting their point of views. The results of the workshop revealed that there are several challenges that we need to keep track of, for example on methodological issues how to assess good cooperation, on research questions such as in which situations we need what kind of eHMI and for what types of vehicles and how to tackle the complexity of multiple actors environments. The interACT consortium and the participants from the workshop agreed to work further on these topics and to enhance the discussions over the next months and years.

The e-HMI interACT workshop management summary can be found here.