CAD Webinar Series (XII): Designing cooperating interactions of AVs with other road users (interACT project)

A second webinar dedicated to the interACT project, entitled ‘’Designing cooperating interactions of automated vehicles with other road users – the latest developments of the interACT EU project” was organised by CARTRE on  25th September 2018.
The webinar covered presentations on the current status of the development of the Cooperation and Coordination Planning Unit (CCPU) as central core unit of the interACT system and information about the work in progress on advanced pedestrian recognition research and rule-based reasoning for situation understanding and classification. The webinar was very well attended and around xxx participants joint us to learn more about the technical developments in interACT.

The recording of the webinar is now available here

The presentations are available here:

interACT project & system architecture for automated vehicles interacting with other road users

Anna Schieben, Robert Markowski

Recognizing the traffic situation: Rule-based reasoning and ontology representation

Dr. Evangelia Portouli