3rd interACT integration workshop

21-25 October 2019 | Orbassano, Turin, Italy

The 3rd interACT integration workshop took place on 21-25 October 2019, in Orbassano, Turin, Italy. Its main goal was the preparation of the autonomous vehicle (AV) for the needs of the evaluation studies in the framework of WP6. The evaluation will be conducted by the CRF and Leeds University partners. The evaluation experiments focus on the study of pedestrian behaviour, namely:
• Visibility and Understanding of external elements (HMI – human-machine-interaction);
• Perception of vehicle movement (deceleration-braking);
• Crossing Decisions.

At the same time, all software packages were integrated into the AV according to WP3 and WP5 tasks. The final goal is the preparation for the final demonstration when the project is completed.

The meeting was attended by ICCS, CRF, TUM, DLR, Bosch, University of Leeds.