interACT @EUCAD 2019

2-3 April 2019 | Brussels, Belgium

interACT together with its sister projects BRAVE and TrustVehicle participated in EUCAD 2019, which was held on 2-3th April 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. The three projects were in the information stand No 3 and informed everyone about their latest developments and automobility. Moreover, visitors were able to see how automated vehicles might communicate in the future in mixed traffic environments by using the pedestrian simulator created by our partner TUM. interACT was represented by Andre Dietrich from TUM and Marc Wilbrink from DLR, who were constantly present in the booth, demonstrating the use of the pedestrian simulator to the visitors.

You can check the common poster and roll up banner used in EUCAD 2019.

Finally, during EUCAD2019, Natasha Merat, interACT partner from ITS Leeds, talked about automated vehicles and their interaction with other road users . The discussion is available here