1st interACT Integration Workshop

13 & 16 May 2019 | Turin, Italy

The 1st interACT Integration Workshop took place in CRF premises, in Orbassano, Turin, Italy on 13th and 16th of May 2019.
Its main goal was the technical verification of the CRF vehicle, along with the preparation of the software and hardware components of WP3-5.

The basic tasks that were included are described below:

• Sensor fusion and perception platform calibration.
The main task was the installation of the enhanced GPS system, which aims at ~cm accuracy (previous was ~m accuracy). Moreover, a general sensor calibration took place, including the wi-fi adapter.
Finally, partners validated and synchronized the existing hardware.

• Data acquisition/recordings:
The main goal was to obtain useful data, that will help to validate all WP3 software components, before the final integration.
Mainly, the consortium focused on map-related data, to ensure highly-accurate map for the CRF test-site. They also managed to represent certain traffic scenarios, which included AV-to-vehicle scenarios, AV-to-pedestrian scenarios and emergency situations for the safety layer.

• Partial module integration
The partners managed to achieve partial integration of CCPU modules, but the whole process is expected to be completed during the 2nd integration meeting, when all WP2-3 components will be tested and ready for deployment.